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jonathan goldberg  MHSA, NCTMB, LMT

Licensed in Massachusetts & Rhode Island and practices in  Vermont.

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As a chiropractic Physician I refer clients to Jonathan as well as seeing him personally.  Jonathan's’ repertoire of therapies is extensive.  You never receive the same treatment twice as he follows the flow of your energy, he listens to you and your body and provides what you need in the moment.  It’s more than a massage, it’s more than a treatment, it’s an experience.  Book your appointment with Jonathan today….you won’t be sorry! 

                                                                                                    Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene

Jonathan is an incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and perceptive massage therapist. He takes time to talk with you and understand how your body functions and what it needs. He then aligns your body, preparing it for tension release while straightening your posture. I could feel my body releasing tension during this step, melting into the table as he worked. After the alignment, he massages the body, paying special attention to the areas that need it. He has the very strong and very gentle touch of a true healer. He works with great focus and attention to detail. During my session, I asked him many questions about what certain sensations meant and how best to stretch certain muscles. He answered every single question thoughtfully and completely while continuing to dissolve the chronic tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. The massage session itself was incredibly powerful and effective, and I came away with new knowledge about how to care for my body and release and prevent tension.     E.Robinson

Grateful Massage is the perfect description for my sessions with Jonathan Goldberg. Rarely does my actual experience exceed my expectations but such was the case with Grateful Massage. Jonathan was both effective and extremely knowledgable. I have been teaching physical education for 15 years so I appreciated his wealth of anatomical facts. Not only do you leave feeling appreciative, you leave with a renewed enthusiasm for self-care, which is of course central to good health---and Jonathan has mastered a subtle, gentle method of delivering that important reminder.      Mary Perry

Jonathan’s work with Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program is highlighted in  The View From The Bridge.    Medicine that matters.....

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts licensed Massage Establishment # 82

Jonathan is a gifted healer and a wonderful person. Words like attentive and gentle begin to describe his magic touch and I would really encourage everyone to meet with him. He has helped work through many physical health issues. I find his extensive knowledge and ability to bring the whole picture together really fascinating. Sessions at his wonderful space are truly amazing.